Our Mission Statement
The Department of Administration strives to operate a cost-efficient, customer-oriented service department whose actions are transparent to the taxpayers resulting in innovative solutions and quality results for a government that effectively serves West Virginians.

Department of Administration
Building 1, Room E119
1900 Kanawha Blvd East
Charleston, WV 25305
Phone 304-558-4331
Fax 304-558-2999
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Sick Leave Compensation Program

The Sick Leave Compensation Program was created during theĀ 2008 Regular Session of the Legislature and modified at the 2009 Regular Session of the State Legislature. The new law allows state employees the option to be paid for unused sick days.

Sick Leave Compensation Program Facts
Application for Sick Leave Compensation

Continuity of Operations Plan

The Department of Administration has developed its own Continuity of Operations Plan as its blueprint in the event an emergency would disrupt the daily operations of state government. Each Department of Administration agency provided input into the COOP.

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